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Derek Johnston one of the founding members of Dublin Paranormal Investigations.
Derek comes from a technical background. Derek's role includes Audio / Visual Analysis, Investigator. Derek has been interested in the paranormal since childhood.
His goal is to try and prove that spirits exist using scientific methods.


Ray one of the founding members of Dublin Paranormal Investigations. Ray comes from a technical background. Ray's skills include programming and Web design. He works on the technical side of things and is involved in researching new techiques and new equipment for the team. Ray is also an open minded sceptic and searches for logical explanations in all cases.


Helen Kiernan is an open minded sceptic with a healthy respect for things she doesn't yet understand. A keen interest in the paranoramal coupled with a logical scientific outlook and a strong empathetic personailty ensures that she is open to reasonable interpretations of any findings.


Stephen Robinson is a keen investigator that is very open minded to the paranormal. Stephen has lots of experience in investigation techniques and has been on many investigations that has opened his mind further to the paranoramal. He is a strong believer in carrying out investigations using scientific methods.
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